Text Box: No need to enter the same data twice! Saves valuable time!
Pop-up calendars for easy date selection! Date format will always be correct when using the calendars.
Search boxes on the following forms makes looking up records easier and faster:
Storage / Bin Records
Field Management Activity
Some new data can be entered on the fly on some forms.
Crop production planning done on a sub form of the Field Management Activity form. 
Select field number on main form and enter the next years cropping plan on the planning subform. 
Quick and easy!
Harvest bin fills are recorded quickly and easily in the Storage/Bin Records form. 
Select bin number then check harvest fill check box then select field number. The date, crop type and crop variety is automatically filled in for you. The Lot number is also generated and filled in for you. When adding product to a bin from more than one field, repeat this step and the field number is automatically added to the lot number. 
No need to edit the lot number!
Recording product sales is very simple. 
Just click the Ship Product button and enter the date and amount sold. 
No need to enter the crop type, variety, grade, moisture, protein, bushel weight or lot number as this data is handled entirely by the program. 
Select buyer, transporter and cleaner from drop down boxes or type in.
Transferring product from one or more bins to another is a quick and easy process. The commodity information is automatically recorded for you and the lot numbers are merged without duplication. The lot numbers will always be correct!
Field and bin activity history can be view with a click of a button.
Online Help is always available either by clicking Help on the menu bar or pressing F1 on your keyboard.
Any of the 25 reports can easily be generated with just a few clicks of the mouse.
Sample database packaged with full version.
Lookup farm production records quickly without having to dig through stacks of paper.
Backing up of data is done within the program with just a few clicks of your mouse!
An excellent program for those organic grain producers who want to significantly reduce manual data entries and save time reporting, while still retaining all those important detailed production records required by Pro-Cert Organic Systems.
Reasonably priced!

Advantages of Organic Grain Growers Database

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